Becker Farms is committed to providing our customers with a wholesome, unadulterated, natural product. We believe that food should be whole without harsh chemicals. We use 2 different processors depending on the animal to be processed and know of them use harsh chemicals like hydrogen chloride, peroxide or sulfuric acid directly on the the food. I have thoroughly vetted each processor and found them to process the standards that we have in the raising of the animals. Thank you for considering use to produce your food.

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We raise our animals as naturally as possible. We believe in rotating the species of animals around our farm to decrease the pathogen load on any one particular area. It is our goal that no one species is pastured across the same area or lives in the same pen over the winter in any one year. I am a licensed veterinarian and I do believe that sick animals should be appropriately treated if they fall ill, but I do not agree with knowingly placing them in production situations where illness is likely to occur. That said it has been one year (2/13/2001) since I treated an animal who had clinical pneumonia and we raise over 2,000 animals per year. I believe this is an acceptable treatment rate and welcome any questions about my production practices. Thank you

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